Album : On-Again / Wishes / Two Fates

EP "ON-AGAIN" ALBUM "WISHES" ALBUM "TWO FATES" electric guitar : fender-mexico, stratocaster electric bass : sadowsky piano : pfeiffer studio : my room
Music Video / Magical Gentle Wind
two stars
your pockets
magical gentle wind
in the starry night

April 2024
Two Fates (album "two fates")
All My Love (album "whishes")

I cannot stop writing songs.
Even if the moon in the night sky shines purple.
Even if the sands of the desert turn to jewels,
Even if I am not allowed to speak a word.
I cannot stop the singing of the stars that arise on their own in my mind.
I may simply be drowning like a hedonist in the sea of "Pleasure".
Even if I contribute nothing to this world,
I still cannot stop writing songs....